RESTful Routing

Daily Standup

RESTful Routing

Learned the basics of the RESTFUL routing convention. I can already see how this should be updated & applied to our group project–nice to be able to put it into practice so quickly! Here are the basics for reference:

Name Path Request Description
INDEX /users GET Display list of all users
NEW /users/new GET Display form to create new user
CREATE /users POST Add new user to database
SHOW /users/:id GET Show info about 1 specific user
EDIT /users/:id/edit GET Show edit form for 1 specific user
UPDATE /users/:id PUT Update specific user details
DESTROY /users/:id DELETE Delete specific user

I also built more routes and functionality in my bootcamp project. It’s nice to see it coming together.

Other Stuff

I went to the AT&T Shape Conference today. They had some cool demos of the VR, AR, and other tech products that are new to (or soon coming to) market. It seemed like they were more focused on the consumer side of things rather than the tech or development but it was interesting to see–I am glad I went.

Also my teammate on the group project successfully linked Postgres to our app UI, which was a big step! I played around with it a bit today but hoping to pick up some more information in tomorrow’s workshops before starting on the login feature.

Up Next

Workshop day tomorrow!