Back To Basics

Daily Standup

Now that I’m back in town for the foreseeable future and things have slowed down quite a bit at work, I really want to accelerate my studies back to the rate I was working over the summer. I’ve been sitting on a few courses for things I really want to learn: MySQL, UX Fundamentals, and JavaScript ES6.

I was (awesomely!) gifted a free year to Frontend Masters so since that has a time limit on it, I’m going to do that first. They have a lot of great JavaScript courses so I’ll start on the ES6 course first.

Back To Basics

Before jumping into that course I figured I’d watch through the Intro to JavaScript class first. It’s only about two and a half hours and it never hurts to recap right? Figured I could knock it out in one sitting before jumping into ES6. And for the most part that was true, and I had some basic concepts reinforced like:

  • What makes a compiled vs. interpreted language, and how JS fits into that
  • How JS handles type and coercion when type is not defined or is unclear
  • The default falsy values: 0, -0, NaN (not a number), "", false, null, undefined, void

At the end of the lecture there was a coding challenge which took me longer than I expected but was fun to work on. Well..except the part when an infinite loop crashed my browser lol. But in the end I got it and finished up the course. Onto ES6 from here!

Other Stuff

I am also still working on CS50 but not 100% sure I will complete all of the assignments to get the certificate. At the moment I’m feeling much more motivated by working on things I can implement now rather than the theoretical. There’s still a month and a half to finish up though so maybe I’ll finish…tbd.

Up Next

Finish styling up the value app, and get started learning ES6. Maybe I will port the whole project to ES6 as an exercise at some point.