Starting React

Daily Standup

Today I finished up the D3 sections of the course. In the end I decided to watch the videos only, so as to have a decent introduction to D3. Without having something in mind to put it to use with straight away, I was having a hard time finding the motivation to dive very deeply into it. On the other hand I am really super keen on getting intro’d to React to see if I want to completely re-do the whole site I just finished using React! So after wrapping up with D3 we started on React.

React First Impressions

Having literally just started, I’m sure there are lots of things I have to look forward to. They’re not apparently clear yet. But the things that have stood out so far:

  • Everything is built in modular components which are stitched together (I like!)
  • Because the components are small pieces, inline CSS is the norm
  • I see the potential for a crazy fractured file structure which I’m not usually a fan of.

The intro to JSX has also been interesting, I think there will be some little niggles that trip me up while getting used to the slightly-different syntax from normal JavaScript/HTML.

Website Project

I’m still thinking about the website project I just “finished” too. Now that it’s up there is a loooooong list of things I think should be better. I don’t know if I should put time into them though, immediately. Doing so would take away from learning time from other things (plus I might want to re-do it again with React after anyway), not to mention some projects I want to do for work. I’ve had less time during the weeks recently to work on things so figuring out what to prioritize has been a bit tricky recently. Doesn’t help that I want to see more progress overall, at the same time.

Up Next

Continuing with this course, hopefully to wrap it up within a week…or 2 weeks with a nice demo coming out of it.