Testing New Hugo Theme

Daily Standup

Today I did a test deployment using the Hugo theme I plan to use for this new site I’m working on. I started from scratch with the theme, rather than trying to get the content from my first test run to work on a new theme. It’s pretty clear that theme setups can be drastically different, so porting from one to another with existing content is likely to be a big pain…good to know for future!

Netlify Deployment Round 2

Much quicker this time around, having done it before. I got the site up and running with the CMS in about 20 minutes! I can’t get over how awesome all of this static gen/Netlify stuff is.

I also tried Netlify’s form handling and set up a contact form on the demo site. Initially there were some conflicts with the theme’s JS but I got it working.

Hugo Theme

The one downside of using this theme rather than building from scratch is it’s sooooo bloated! There is so much in it I don’t need. And it loads so so many JS and CSS files. Not a big fan of that.

Up Next

Now I feel pretty set to start working on this site. I’ll mock up some designs for sign off then will probably get started over the weekend!