GHC Arrival

Daily Standup

I made it! Long day of travel but today I finally arrived in Houston, just in time for the kickoff.

First Timers Orientation

Today was pretty low key—the conference is so huge that they put on a one-hour first timer’s orientation to give an overview of the schedule, event types, and a general how-to. It was recapping a lot of the information that’s on the GHC website but still nice to ease in before the full 20,000+ people descend. I had a nice chat with a hardware engineer from Northrop Grumman…very different from the web dev world! It was also helpful to get acquainted with the conference center, pick up my badge, etc. before the madness. I even got a photo op without random people in the way!

Me in front of GHC sign

Let The Games Begin

Tomorrow the real deal kicks off and I’ve booked a full day of sessions. I hope I will have the energy to write a recap tomorrow!

Other Stuff

On the flight over, I finished up all the currency options I wanted to add on the value app. So that’s all done now, on to the next improvement :D