Next Level With Next

Daily Standup

I’ve moved on to my next course and started using Next. It replaces React Router and Redux and allows server-side rendering of pages built with React. So far I’m really liking it for a few reasons:

  • Server-side rendering means there will be something available in the app when the page loads as well as for SEO
  • It keeps semantic HTML markup even if I don’t write it that way, for example links with the <Link> tag.
  • Less import statements to remember!

I’m really just beginning but those are my first impressions.

Other Stuff

It’s a lot harder to learn this stuff and work on it after a full day’s work.

Up Next

Steam rolling through this class so that I can get back to building my own app. Hope to finish it out this week, as I have an unplanned break from my computer coming up beginning Sunday.