Migrations Done!

Daily Standup

HUUUUGE progress on GFT, I finally finished re-building the app after starting from scratch to implement migrations. So so so much work and now I’m right back to where I was over a month ago 😂 But it is better!

And I learned a lot in the progress. I think I will be much better set up to work on the next tasks, since I have a better understanding of associations and querying using sequelize.

API Detour

Last week I got some mentoring help on working with the API I’m getting data from, so I’m going to take a break from putting more routes & functionality in place to work on that. I hope I did the bulk of it and can do it rather quickly?

Other Stuff

During all of the recent work I started to experience why tests are great and make coding (and changing code) a lot faster. So now I want to add tests to the app. Logging server requests also would have been helpful debugging some issues so that’s another thing I want to add. And then now that I will be working with live data in the app, I need to figure out how to manage dev/prod environments, and that also led to working in a containerized environment, so I want to set that up early to avoid deployment pain later.

…meaning LOTS to work on in addition to the actual app itself!

Up Next

I think I’m going to prioritize the API work.