HTTP Codes

Daily Standup

Finished up setting up all the controllers today, they are now individual testable units with testable helper functions inside.

Part of making them testable included adding status codes to the results, so I got acquainted with those.

HTTP Status Codes

These are the standard codes that are included with a server response to let the client know something about the data it’s getting. The common ones I already wrote about include:

  • 200 - OK
  • 404 - not found
  • 500 - internal sever error

But I learned about some additional codes that come in handle when building RESTful routing on this handy list, such as:

  • 201 - Created
  • 204 - No Content
  • 400 - Bad Request

The first two are the standard stati for CREATE and DESTROY CRUD operations respectively. 400 is a good catch-all for catching Promise errors.

Other Stuff

Long training run today…100 minutes!

Up Next

Still didn’t get to writing any test yet though 😂 So that’s next up!