Auth0 Change Password Emails

I’ve been having some trouble with Auth0 not sending ‘change password’ emails when they’re requested. I can’t replicate the issue enough to properly fix it, so here are some clue paths I can pick up if it starts happening again.

This is an ongoing problem since at least 2017

Password reset email not received: several users have had this issue using different email providers. No solution found on forum post.

Maybe external image domains in the email template are problematic

…as in this post.

The problem has persisted to this year

with no visible solution or fix.

Possible via Management API but you’ll need to figure out how to verify identity in doing so…otherwise you could allow someone other than the account holder to reset the account holder’s password.

Or you could manually re-enable the template before each request

Requires v1 of the Management API since the toggle doesn’t currently exist for this template in the Auth0 dashboard. This sounds like a horrible workaround.