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This is my blog.

These are the notes I take as I learn about web development 👩‍đŸ’ģ I may not be an expert in the topics here, but hopefully you'll find the info useful and avoid some of the struggles I encountered along the way 😄

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Make anything

This is my code.

My Theatre List

Personal Theatre Catalog

My Theatre List makes it easy to keep track of the shows you've seen or want to see on stage by cataloging lists and reviews. You can also see what shows your friends have seen, and share what you're watching with them.

The site blends user-generated content with up-to-date information for theatre, opera, and dance productions around the world sourced from ticketing APIs.

Node.js Express PostgreSQL Sequelize 3rd-Party APIs Mocha Heroku Cloudflare Cloudinary Auth0
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Reflect Weekly

Personal Reflection Tool

This Vue application collects weekly reflections and makes it easy to compare your answers over time. It's great for making sure you're progressing towards your long-term goals, or as a tool for general life reflection.

Vue Vuex TypeScript Node.js Express PostgreSQL Sequelize
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ValueMax GitHub logo icon The Octocat code

Cost-Per-Use Calculator

This web app helps users maximize the value of their money by tracking the cost-per-use of purchases over time. It helps answer questions like: 'Is it worth it to buy a membership, or should I pay each time I go?' and 'How much have I really used this thing I bought?'

After using ValueMax a while for myself, I invited other developers to contribute as part of Hacktoberfest 2018. The repo remains open for collaboration & learning.

Node.js Express MongoDB Mongoose SemanticUI Heroku
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