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Daily Standup

Back to work today so not much time to code, but still learned some bits and pieces!

Choosing A Framework

I am on a team building an app from scratch (product idea, design, build, ship!) in 4 weeks as part of Coding For Product. We have a pretty cool idea for an app and now need to decide how to build it.

The backend is pretty new to me so did a lot of research today on Vue, Angular, Firebase, Single Page Apps, server-rendered apps, and how all of these things fit together (and what would be best for our app!). Given the short timeframe to learn & build on whatever we end up going with, we decided to get some help from the workshop mentors so looking forward to getting some advice on this.


Learned about a different way to install Node packages instead of npm. The Yarn setup is a little bit different in that you don’t have to --save flag your package.JSON init (it does it automatically), and it also creates a lock file to keep track of the exact version of packages used in a project.

Other Stuff

Read up a bit on git & GitHub workflows as we’ll be working more & more with branches, pull requests, etc. in building our app. Made my first pull request and it’s not as scary as it once seemed!

Up Next

Pausing on our app build until we decide about the backend frameworks.

Instead building the UI for the big app I’ve got to build for my bootcamp.

Also feeling motivated to get working on my portfolio again…I will need somewhere to put all of these projects once they’re done!