UI Completed

Daily Standup

It really makes a difference, working a full day at work vs. having time to work on projects. Duh, I guess!? But didn’t do much actual coding today.

Wrapping Up UI Build

Yesterday I finished (and forgot to write about) the remaining UI pieces for our Metro App for Coding For Product. I wrapped up the navigation styling, linked all the buttons, wrote some copy for the static page, and built some modals, on which we will build the main functionality of our app: allowing the user to choose which reward they want to “buy” with their points, and then deducting those points from their account. I’d never worked with modals before but with Bootstrap and jQuery it was pretty easy (HTML and JavaScript).

Other Stuff

Did some research today on using the passport npm package for user login and authentication. We will need our database set up to get it working properly.

Also listened to a new episode of the Learn To Code With Me podcast where they were talking about designing and building wearable technology. It was interesting!

Up Next

Hoping to get stuck in setting up the login for our project site.

I also need to figure out how to install MongoDB–previous attempts have failed–and I want to keep things moving in my online bootcamp.