Login Delays

Daily Standup

Still trying to figure out how to implement the login feature in our Metro app. Every time I think I’ve got everything I need set up, I learn there is another dependency package that I haven’t installed, and then that one needs another package, etc. etc. Today it was express-session which I’m pretty sure also requires connect-session-sequelize but still figuring it out. I’ll be glad when it all makes sense and I can write a good round-up for reference later. I did find this post which has provided a bit of context: How do Express.js Sessions Work?. Now I just need to read it a few more times!

Other Stuff

I came across this course which teaches advanced HTML and CSS. I only skimmed it briefly (see above) but looks like I great way to get beyond the basics I always see in other tutorials.

Up Next

It’s all about the login at the minute. Bootcamp is on hold until this is done!