CS50 Re-Start

Daily Standup

After a couple days’ delay & tv-binge procrastinating I have officially jumped back into CS50. This is an Intro to Computer Science course from Harvard University which I’m taking online via EdX. I started the course in May, but took a little break because I was finding it difficult to switch back & forth between learning C and doing all the JavaScript projects I was doing at the time.

Turns out I forgot a lot! I wanted to jump straight back into the problem set (aka homework) I left off with, but I couldn’t even remember how to compile and run my code (make <programName>, ./<programName>), so back to basics. So I re-watched the lectures for weeks 2 & 3 (2 hours each!!) and read through all the homework exercises I did before to reacquaint myself with C.

For future reference it will be handy to have the character types and their placeholders noted:

Data Type Reference Placeholder
boolean bool ?
character char %c
string string %s
16-bit integer int %i
64-bit integer long long %lli / %lld
decimal number float %f
longer decimal number double ?

There are more types than this in C (and I’m pretty sure the string type is specific to CS50) but these are the ones introduced so far. Maybe I’ll add to this as we go along.

Up Next

Now that I’m caught up I can jump into the Caesar’s Cipher and other cryptography assignments I left off with.