Sorting Follow Up

Daily Standup

Slow day today as I got home pretty late from a project I was working on. I was able to watch this talk by Justin Abrahms though from PyCon 2014, which helped reinforce/clarify what I learned yesterday about big O notation, i.e. when a sort method runs “on the order of” some n function. It’s encouraging to see other people who have picked up topics like this without a full & proper CS degree.

Other Stuff

I’ve been devouring the CodeNewbie podcast for the past few months and today got to episode 100 where the host Saron was interviewed about her experiences becoming a developer, learning to code, and starting CodeNewbie. There were a lot of good gems in there (ahem!) but one thing she said really resonated with me: she was talking about how when she was going through the job search process, she did a lot of preparing and bucking up for dealing with people who are hostile to women and people of color in tech. With all of the craziness going on these days with the now-infamous Google diversity memo (and countless rebuttals & color commentary) not to mention events and discussions going on at a national level in both of the countries I call home, this topic has been on my mind quite a bit recently. But it was very encouraging to hear and be reminded that despite all of this, she still had a great experience and met lots of people who don’t perpetuate the stereotypes at all! Not only that, there is a whole community of Code Newbies who get involved for learning, support, and encouragement. I’m really glad to be involved with groups like this one (and others) to keep the positive vibes going strong :D

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