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Daily Standup

Reading advice everywhere I’m constantly reading, “build your own projects,” “BUILD YOUR OWN PROJECTS,” “BUILD. YOUR. OWN. PROJECTS!!!“ So today I started one 😄 I think I’d been experiencing paralysis in coming up with something to build because I tend to want everything I do to be epic but I realize I need to just get over that, otherwise I’ll never build anything! And coding along with tutorials doesn’t really cut it…they leave a lot of learning out!:

Coding Tutorials

Value App Project

There are some things that I stress about buying because I’m not 100% sure I’ll actually use them, or that I’ll get as much value out of them as I want to. Examples: gym membership, any membership really, pricier clothing or accessories, etc. I always thought it would be helpful/motivational to keep track of when I use these things, so that I can see the per-use value go down every time. For example, if I know it can cost me £4 each time I use the gym going 10 times in a month vs. £40 if I go once, I’ll be way more inclined to go! Is that weird? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway today I wanted to use this, so I decided to just build it.

I’m going to use Node and Express so that I can practice more, following theUdemy course and my Coding For Product project. I’m also going to use MongoDB because I’m more comfortable with it, and haven’t solidly learned how to reference between tables using SQL. Also I know I can deploy this for free on Heroku with mLab, not sure of the SQL options there yet.

Today I mapped out the page structure and general app behavior so that I know what I need to build:

Value App Wireframe v1

I am pretty sure I know how to build most of the functionality of this app, but there are some new things I’ll need to figure out/reacquaint myself with:

  • Persistent login user session
  • Data associations (references & sharing items across users)
  • Processing updates on the server (not direct user edits)

I also want to try using Foundation (instead of Bootstrap) as it’s one of those things a lot of people talk about that I’m not familiar with.

Should be a fun one!


The full court press didn’t press…more on that this week.

Portfolio Website

Still contemplating CSS Grid. A huge part of me just wants to use Bootstrap to get something up, and then try Grid later…but I also want to do it now!! More hours per day please.

Up Next

I want to build my value app so I can use it asap–just the function now and I’ll take my time on the UI since these other projects are more pressing.