App Progress

Daily Standup

Today I started building the routes and database schemas for my value app. I’m referencing some previous projects and exercises I did to build it, but there are some slightly different elements to figure out. For example in all of the login projects I’ve done, once a user logs in everyone sees the same thing, whereas for this app I want the person who logs in only to see main content that pertains only to their account. So I’ll need to figure that out. Otherwise it’s been a refresher today in routing an app and building a database schema (and thinking ahead to what I’ll need in the model). The next big chunk will be implementing the REST routes for each user’s things.

Other Stuff

Learned today I can code to music instead of just silence…that’s a win!

Up Next

I must recognize the limits of my time. CS50 and the value app are my only foci at the minute and the MySQL and other courses will have to wait unfortunately.