Plugging Away

Daily Standup

I’ve been silent here on the blog for a bit but have been plugging along at the learning! I am mainly working on the MongoDB class (about 80% finished and should wrap up this week) ahead of taking the next steps on my value app. I was in Denver over the past few days and got some work done there–shout out to the Roostercat Cafe!

I haven’t been a big fan of this class unfortunately. Parts of it are fantastic (see previous posts) but a big section in the middle was built entirely around a very advanced Electron app. Well maybe it’s not very advanced, but it’s beyond what I’ve learned so far and the new bits of that app were a pretty big distraction from trying to learn the new bits that the class is actually about. It was a cool intro to what you can do with Electron to create desktop apps though…silver lining.

Up Next

Finish the class. Work on apps. Work on CS50.