Cracking On With Python

Daily Standup

Continued working on my first Python assignments today—the air quality is too bad to go to the gym so snuck in some study time before our Christmas party! And pretty awesome/creepy—as I was googling for some info on how to take command line arguments in python, Google broke and put me into a coding challenge, apparently a recruiting tool for them. Very clever!

But I put that one aside to get through this assignment, I don’t think my cipher programs are going to get me in the door there just yet 😝.

Other Stuff

I had to return Clean Code to the library before finishing and now I’m 3rd in line for the book! So annoying…when I borrowed it I got it straight away and now there’s a waiting list. I doubt I’ll get it again before the new year ☹️. Downside of doing things library-style.