MySQL Course Continued

Daily Standup

Continuing with MySQL today! I’m halfway done with the course now, and think I may actually be able to finish it this weekend. That’s great! Considering I gave myself 2 weeks and I’m 4 days in. That’s even sooner I can move on to the next topic. 😋

More SQL Queries

Rather that splitting all of my notes across blog posts I’m adding everything to this gist for future reference. Today I learned about refining selections with commands like DISTINCT, ORDER BY, LIMIT, and combinations of these along with wildcards % and _. I also did aggregate functions like MIN, MAX, SUM, AVG, GROUP BY and COUNT. Lots of info to take in but so far it’s all making sense and I can’t wait to put it into practice.

Other Stuff

I discovered that sadly emojis aren’t very reliable and will need to find another way to represent progress on my learning page. ::sad-face-emoji::

Up Next

Up next is a review of data types then we start getting into joins and making projects work—woo!