Grid It Up

Daily Standup

I spent the day working on a website that I’m building from scratch. It’s coming together really nicely!

CSS Grid Is Awesome

It’s been awesome to learn how CSS Grid works while building this. Bottom line: it is great. I’m still playing around with (and a bit perplexed by) making grids completely responsive: at the moment things seem to grow & shrink well until about tablet-size and then they stop shrinking. It’s also not at all vertically responsive. I know I need to add in some shifted grid areas for one section in particular, but otherwise I think it’s because I still need to master auto-fit / auto-fill and minmax().

I’ve also had a few cases where it’s better to use a flex display rather than grid, for example if there is an odd number of elements, and I want the odd one out to be center-justified if it wraps into a new row.

Overall I can definitely see that I’ve learned a lot since I first started learning Flexbox and Grid 2 weeks ago.

Up Next

I have a lot of cleanup to do next to get rid of weird formatting from porting the posts from Wordpress to markdown files. Then I have some other adjustments (add JS for sticky/scroll nav, add RSS feed, etc.). Otherwise, I’m ahead of schedule for deploying!