Git Problems & GDPR Talk

Daily Standup

Eventful day! Productive though.

SVG Issues

As I mentioned yesterday I implemented a lot of SVG icons into my site from Font Awesome. Well, there was one icon that I got from another source—it was exported from Figma and the formatting of the SVG markup was very bloated.

I tried a lot of things to make it more general, so that I could manipulate the size & color using CSS. No luck. Because of the way it’s structured, I can’t access the fill color. Worked on this for an hour or so, and then finally just created a second SVG in another color. Not what SVGs are meant to do!

I’ll need to come back to this later.

Git Issues

Ahhh seriously messed this one up! I love git for always having your back.

So I had committed something 222 to my master branch, and the commit before that one 111 was pushed to origin. I wanted to go back to 111, merge some changes from another branch, and merge 222 into the updated master. Huge fail. Somehow I reset the HEAD alllll the way back to the very first commit of the whole project FOUR MONTHS AGO!!!

In the process of fixing it I learned about reflog and discovered it was a simple command to undo the horror I’d just done:

$ git reset 'HEAD@{1}'

Eventually things got back on track!!


I also went to a talk about GDPR and data handling. Very interesting and comprehensive! Getting into the practice of implementing the requirements on my sites now to familiarize myself.