Testing Pull Requests

Daily Standup

Been a busy week on this work trip. Pretty much no time for working on any of my projects…shame it’s fallen right in the middle of Hacktoberfest!

Working With PRs in Master Branch

In some previous posts I wrote about how I’m learning how to be a maintainer for an open source project. I had opted to have people make edits to the master branch to submit pull requests…but then I didn’t know how to pull down their code in order to test it before merging. Seems like it would be a pretty straightforward thing…and it turns out it was!

It’s a matter of creating a new branch locally, and then doing git pull in that branch to the URL of the other person’s fork of the master branch. Then I can test it locally. Turns out GitHub offers a simple way to remember this from the pull request page!—open the command line instructions from the PR and then you can just copy/paste the act of creating & pulling down a new local branch from a contributor.

Other Stuff

I took a day trip to Italy today! I’d never been to Sanremo and it’s just 2 hours away by train, so duh 😋

Up Next

One open PR down, one more to go. Then back to working on my other projects.