Continuing Postgres Setup

Daily Standup

Today I’ve kept working on my new project. There are a few things I want to remember…

Postgres & Sequelize

It’s been a while since my last project using these tools so I’ve done some new research on both. Here are some of the resources I may want to reference again in the future:

I also came across two videos of someone teaching the topic in a bootcamp class which were pretty helpful, especially combined with the companion repo.

In the end I was able to get user input data persisted in the DB so next step is building out my database!

Prettier Update

In yesterday's post I wrote about adding Prettier to a project…today I realized my text editor already has it built in 😂 It wasn’t for nothing though—it’s still good (I think) to have it and its scripts included in a repo other people will be working on—but for this solo project all I needed to do was create a .prettierrc file in the directory, and set the Prettier package to run every time I save a document. So one less dependency in the app! For now at least.

Other Stuff

I got a new wireless keyboard while I was in the states (really can’t get used to the UK keyboard layout…I tried!) to replace one I was borrowing from work. It’s new and modern with a built-in number pad. Sadly though, it’s too new to work with my computer!! Looks like I’ll need to update my entire OS (and who knows what that will break 😅) in order to get it to work like the old ones did. Classic Apple 😭