Random Tips

Daily Standup

I’ve picked up some random tips over the past few days working on GFT. In no specific order:

  • The 1997 version of escaping apostrophes in MySQL is \'. In 2018 PostgreSQL it’s ''. Also find & replace all is brilliant.
  • The method of modeling a database structure with symbols to denote table relationships is called crow’s foot annotation. Here’s an example. It’s also called an entity-relationship model/diagram (ERM/ERD).
  • A great way to figure out the tech stack for a site/company you want to learn more about is to find job descriptions for their engineering roles. (Big duh moment on this one!) Another option is sites like StackShare or TechStacks but they don’t have many, many companies.
  • Even though PostgreSQL can (uniquely, I understand, for a relational db) take an array as a data type, it’s less efficient than using a standard join table when the data will be queried a lot. There was further discussion about this here.

Other Stuff

Still working through:

Up Next

Now that I’ve decided to re-structure my database tables forgoing arrays, it’s actually a lot more straightforward to model them! So up next is building those models, and then trying to get some data loaded into them.

I also decided to build the front end in React and don’t want to get too far with Express views. So I’ll also continue the React course I just started.