GFT Landing Page & Unsplash API

Daily Standup

Today I mostly worked on creating a landing page for project GFT. It was meant to be a simple static site just to convey the basics, but does what starts off simple stay simple? No, no it doesn’t 😂

GFT Landing Page

Although I already wrote a pretty decent landing page as a learning exercise aaaages ago, I decided I wanted to do something with a little more oomph. So then I decided to create it using the static site generator Hugo because they have some pretty slick themes and it’s very simple to deploy on Netlify.

I nearly finished customizing a theme called Infinity before I remembered that I wanted to start off with a blog 😂. So then I found a new theme Meghna and customized it (judging by the amount of typos in the files by the way, I’m wondering it’s it’s named after someone named Meghan? 😂 😂 😂 ). There were a lot of extras to get rid of, and some re-theming to do…in the end I like the result though!

I also became re-acquainted with Unsplash, and used its API for the first time. It’s pretty neat. You can take advantage of the fact that they’re already hosting all of the images, and add them anywhere with a pretty flexible link structure:

# use a specific photo and pull it at specific dimensions{PHOTO ID}/{WIDTHxHEIGHT}

# create a collection and then pull images from it randomly{COLLECTION ID}

# append any url with a size to specify dimensions

# append any random images with a time frame to say how often it should change