Back From Holiday

Daily Standup

Back from holiday! Had a great week of birthday, family, and travel. Now back to work. Some random things I’m thinking about & working on to get back into things…

Bash Scripting Safe Delete

I came across an interesting suggestion for deleting/trashing computer files from the terminal. Basically, it suggests writing a bash script to move files to the trash, thereby avoiding deleting a file permanently by mistake. I thought about doing this, but don’t actually delete anything from the command line often enough to make this useful at the moment…saving the reference here in case it comes up again in future.

Cleaning Up Dev Bookmarks

I randomly decided to clean up all of my dev-related bookmarks. Not quite sure how this made it onto my list of to-dos!

I had bookmarked an article about why this person decided to learn to code that I enjoyed re-reading. Though it doesn’t really need to be bookmarked as a reference, so saving it here.

Killing Machine Processes

Another thing I’d bookmarked that I’d rather document here where it’s searchable…how to check and kill a running process like a mongod or mongodb or postgress server. Because if you have one running, you can’t start another…but if you’ve closed the terminal window sometimes this can leave you stuck. The link demonstrates how to find a running process and then terminate it.

I did write about this before.

Other Stuff

Because the opening last weekend was so awesome and the exhibition is really something, I will share it!

Go fam!

Up Next

Continuing to research how I can integrate testing automation into the app, increasingly necessary as I add to the size & complexity of the app.

And keeping coding!