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Daily Standup

Making progress on GFT! I set a deadline to have an alpha completed by this Sunday the 21st so it’s full speed ahead. That said there were a couple of sidetrack-y things…

npm Tidbits

I came across this article which has some good npm tips, like npm dedupe to remove duplicate package from projects.

Time Tracking

I also decided to commit to a minimum number of hours per week working on GFT. That means keeping track of how much focused work I’m actually doing each time I sit down to work on it. I created a daily survey where I’ll note down how many minutes I’ve spent on 4 key areas that day—app development, business development, marketing, and research. Now that I think of it, I’ll need to add product development to that list pretty soon!

Anyway for now I’m mostly working on the app dev piece, and getting into the habit of time tracking (as of day 3) isn’t going so well! I always forget to take note of when I start working. So I went back to an old post and figured out how to add the time to my bash shell prompt. I added a new color:

!X! Dim="\e[2m" !X!    # Dim White - don't do this!!!!
Dim="\[\e[2m\]" # Dim White

Update August 2019: Originally I wrote this without enclosing the color code between \[ and \] and it was causing long commands to wrap over themselves when typing in the Terminal. This Q&A helped narrow down the issue, and I updated my prompt script as noted above.

And amended the prompt script to include the time at the front:

# Format prompt script
export PS1="$Dim\A $BrightPurple\h$Purple:\W$Cyan\$(parse_git_branch)$Red\$(__git_dirty)${NONE}$Color_Off \u$ "

Update July 2019: Sometimes when I needed to retroactively look at my work hours it was hard to figure out the working days, so I amended the script to include the date as well. This bit of the Linux documentation provided the necessary conversion characters. Final script as follows:

# Format prompt script
export PS1="$Dim\D{%d-%b} \A $BrightPurple\h$Purple:\W$Cyan\$(parse_git_branch)$Red\$(__git_dirty)${NONE}$Color_Off \u$ "


Other Stuff

Four day weekend ahead! Will provide lots of time to complete the alpha woop woop.

Also saw a few plays this week!

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