My Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Over the weekend I participated in Rails Girls London’s annual Ruby on Rails workshop. It was super cool! I was able to learn the basics of how Rails works from absolute zero in one day.

We were given a tutorial to create a basic app, and with the help of some great coaches, I had it up and running with all of the basic CRUD operations and authentication by the end of the workshop.

My approach to the workshop was not only to learn the basics, but also to understand what Rails does for you as compared to what I’d need to do from scratch using Node/Express and a number of packages. It was a joy to learn—Rails really does a lot! I could appreciate just how much, having done a lot of similar work from scratch on other projects.

In the end it was a really solid event that I’m glad I was able to join. Here are some more resources and local events I was tipped off to if/when I want to pursue building more apps on Rails, or join the local Ruby & Rails communities:

Community Events