Using Postman for cURL Requests

Daily Standup

Today I’ve been researching APIs to add into project GFT and spent a lot of time looking at the Ingresso API. In their documentation, they have cURL examples and Python examples, but the JavaScript examples aren’t fully fleshed out. So to test the API I was using Postman, and had to figure out how to do it using the cURL examples.

Thankfully someone else asked the same question on StackOverflow and the answer worked a charm:

  • In Postman click on the Import button, then the Paste Raw Text tab
  • Paste the cURL command and then press Import

…and Postman magically puts the auth, params, and body where they need to be!

Added bonus, I learned there’s an Auth tab! I’d never used it before since the other APIs I have used in Postman have required the authorization parameters to be sent in the header. Learn something new every day, as they say. 😄


I love the test events they have in this API demo…”Toy Story The Opera”…”The Unremarkable Incident of the Cat at Lunchtime” 😂 😂