Vue Basics (Continued...Again) — Vuex & Vuetify

My Vue Learning Demo Repos

I’ve continued on with some Vue tutorials today, finishing the Vue Basics and then closing out with series on Vuex and Vuetify.


Vuex is a state manager that sits across an entire application (similar to Redux in React world). I watched the NetNinja’s Vuex tutorial playlist to get acquainted with it and found it to be surprisingly straightforward? I guess it’s easier said than done (I didn’t code along this time), but I don’t have any hesitations about trying it out on a bigger application when I have the need for it.

For easy access here’s the accompanying repo.

I also found this video about Vuex modules to be potentially useful.

Later I found some more useful resources…


I also started a code-along with the NetNinja’s Vuetify Tutorial playlist but only got a few videos in before I realized there were a lot of changes between Vuetify v1 (which was in the video series) and v2, the current version. It’s still a good overview—I watched it all the way through—but the best resource for this will be the docs going forward.

Get Building!

After all that, I’m tutorial’d out. Time to start building my application!