pg, Postgres, and Node 14 Connection Errors

Since updating to Node 14, none of my apps with a Postgres database will not connect anymore. I’ve run into this issue twice now…shame on me for not documenting the first time around! So I will troubleshoot again…


Some sleuthing reveals a database connection error…not sure why but my database error handling isn’t throwing errors. This issue suggests the issue is with pg rather than Postgres or Sequelize.

The Fix

  • Update pg to latest version. Minimal requirement is 8.0.3 but as of now, the latest is 8.5.1 👀
  • Now at least a connection error throws: Unable to connect to the database: ConnectionError [SequelizeConnectionError]: self signed certificate
  • This issue confirms an issue with pg and provides some additional settings to add to the database config:
dialectOptions: {
ssl: {
require: true,
rejectUnauthorized: false

And voila! Problem solved.