JWT Again

I’ve been learning about JWTs! Again, apparently. This time I’m implementing it in a new project so maybe I’ll get a bit farther. Not planning to do a deep-dive here (yet), but want to remember a few references in case I need them later:

JWT Authentication with Node Crash Course - 2021 (90 mins): This course is a good intro to using JWTs where you create a demo API with sign-in and protected routes. It’s the simplest JWT implementation I think.

The Net Ninja’s Node.js Auth Tutorial (JWT) (3 hrs): This one is also an intro but demonstrates putting JWTs in a cookie instead of just local storage. This makes it possible to reset the JWT and makes logging out possible. Arguably this is not good practice.

HTML5 Video Player

Putting a pin in this as well—I will also (possibly) need to create a video player for the new project. This playlist on HTML5 video programming has been a good intro using the Video JS library. More on this later.