Daily Standup

Today I wanted to deploy the value app to AWS. After a whole bunch of reading up on it over the past few days I was ready to just do it, just break it if I need to, and see what happens. That turned into 3 hours of more reading and then somehow breaking the app and I can’t even run it locally anymore. How does that happen!?!?!! I mean, it’s actually hilarious 😂😂😂

So I have nothing productive to update today, sadly. I did make a good plan though, so will be ready to deploy as soon as I fix whatever I broke.

Other Stuff

I found out I don’t have a hard deadline of the 31st to finish CS50 which is great. Still working on it but glad to know I can still get the certificate in the new year if it takes longer.

Up Next

Figure out how I broke my app.