Deployment In Progress

Daily Standup

For the past week or so I have been working on deploying the value app. To do it I’m learning how Amazon Web Services work and work together. I’ll be really glad to understand it once I finally get it working but it has been sloooooooowww. Every time I think I’ve pretty much got it with just onemorething, that one more thing turns out to be a giant rabbit hole. Lots of elusive cheshire cats and false friends. The good thing is I’m documenting everything I try (including what doesn’t work, although documenting slows things down even more), so that next time, hopefully it will be a much simpler process. But for now, nothing really to report!

Other Stuff

There’s now a regular coding study group one town over which is awesome! Met some people working on cool things tonight, although I didn’t get much actual work done this time.

Up Next

Since my goal was to deploy by Sunday (2 days ago) that is #1 right now. Eyes on the prize.