Deployment Done! Lessons Learned

Daily Standup

Hooray! The value app is officially deployed. It’s a bit anti-climactic, as in the end I’ve deployed it on Heroku rather than AWS. I’ll post separately all of the things I learned about AWS along the way, even though I won’t be using it going forward. Long story short: testing and working on the deployment over the last ~10 days quadrupled my AWS bill. And while $4 isn’t breaking the bank, it doesn’t beat free!

I’m glad I went through the process anyway. I learned a LOT. Now I’m glad to be able to move on to the next thing though, this has taken up way too much time!

Other Stuff

Major hiccup in the study plans today, so I’ve got to re-configure how I’ll be learning and what I’ll be working towards for the next few months.