Cloud Computing & Web App Security Talks

Daily Standup

Tonight I went to a double-talk on two topics: cloud computing and web app security. Both were pretty decent and gave me some things to think about.

From cloud computing I learned about AWS’ Lightsail which might help with the deployment of apps there in the future. I am completely aware that I still need to post my write-up from attempting to deploy using Elastic Beanstalk and the vanilla services. But it would be nice to round those out with something that actually worked! So maybe that’s it.

In the security talk I had a panic moment thinking about whether my blog and apps are vulnerable to various nefarious activities. Glad to say I’ve just made some attempts to do bad things and they failed 😌. But definitely need to keep this topic more front of mind too.

Other Stuff

I spent another few hours working on the search engine. I don’t have it working yet which is frustrating, especially because I think I’m right there! But with the frustration today I’ve realized I’ve been breaking two of my top guidelines: 1) I haven’t asked anyone for help and 2) I don’t have a second thing I’m working on right now to switch to when I need a break. No excuses for either! So planning to change that.

Up Next

I’ll keep working on the search engine but will also dive back into CS50 to finish up the course. I’ve already done all of the lectures and most of the projects, I just have 3 (maybe 4) assignments to finish up and submit in order to get the certificate. Turned out I have until May (not this year’s end) to complete it hence haven’t been prioritizing. All of the remaining projects are in Python so will get to be learning that a bit more!