So Close To Search Engine Completion

Daily Standup

BAHHH so close yet so far!! I am literally inches from the finish line for my search feature. Today I made huge progress: I got search results to display for multiple documents, then I got it to work correctly with an external JSON file. Now I’m working on applying that code to a more complex JSON file which includes all of the content from my site. Because the data is referenced slightly differently I have to change some of the functions to call that data differently. And that’s what I’m stuck on. I’m so close though, I’ll definitely get it done really soon.

Chrome Dev Tools

Today I worked with the debugger in Chrome for the first time. It is so awesome!!! The main challenge that stumped me yesterday turned out to be an off-by-one issue, which I wouldn’t have figured out without Chrome’s debugger. I was also able to clearly see the differences between the Jekyll JSON output and what I’m working with for my site. This information makes it so much clearer to move forward. Now I get what all the fuss is about!

Other Stuff

It’s Nia day!!

Up Next

Must. Finish. Search engine.