Figma Is Awesome!

Daily Standup

Ok…loving Figma! It took some getting used to at first but once I got the hang of it, things moved much faster. Today I sat down and watched the intro video series all the way through and I’m glad I did—enough of the menu items are hidden or nested in the default view and it would have been hard to get much done without them. There are also a lot of keyboard shortcuts to take advantage of…made things a lot faster.

I finished the initial mockup for the homepage of the site I’ll be working on next and it looks pretty good! Hoping to get it signed off on tomorrow and then I’ll get coding.

Other Stuff

Now that I’m seeing how much better things can look than this current website, I was to re- redo it all over again. On one hand, I’ll never get to anything new if I keep redoing my site every couple of months! On the other hand…improvements! We’ll see… 😋

Up Next

Reviewing Q1 goals…I think I did pretty well with a couple of weeks to spare! I’ll have a closer look over the next couple of days in case there’s anything I missed.