Grace Hopper Celebration Countdown

Daily Standup

The countdown is on! In less than a week I’ll be heading to Houston for the Grace Hopper Celebration. Super excited!


A few weeks back they opened the schedule for sessions taking place throughout the event. There are so many great-sounding talks and panels that I may have overdone my schedule…not sure I’ll have much time for the expo or you know, talking to people 😅.

Now I’ve found some lists of all of the evening events taking place. A good number of them are already closed for RSVPs, but maybe that’s a good thing, as I could definitely see the FOMO causing me to get no sleep or general recuperation between the crazy days.

I found some good resources maybe a bit too late:

But anyway I’m really looking forward to it! Last year I live-streamed the keynotes and loved what I saw. Super excited to do all of the things that they didn’t live stream this year! Case in point, I’ll be doing my first hackathon!! I’m sure I’ll have so much to write about all of this later.

Other Stuff

Last weekend I went to Codebar’s Uncodebar which was also awesome!

Up Next

Trying to close out the minor feature adds on the value app asap so that I can start working on a new project free & clear minded.