Continuing Advanced React Course

Daily Standup

Today I continued with the advanced React course and completed 2 modules. It has me thinking about some things with GFT.

Too New

In the class we are making an app with a React front end and a Node backend using GraphQL, Prisma, and Yoga. The latter two are very new and I think not something I want to rely on for these initial stages of the project. If I were to do so I’d foresee lots of changes and updates and bugs as they continue to develop the services, which seems to be happening at a rapid pace. So I won’t be able to build my project like-for-like following what we learn in this course.

That said I really like GraphQL so far—it seems like a much more logical way to query data. However it doesn’t have a built-in way to carry out anything other than simple CRUD commands (i.e. no logic, etc.) so I would need to use it in conjunction with an ORM still. That’s what Prisma & Yoga are for, but I might see about continuing to use Sequelize in place of those. Here are some resources I found to look into this further:

Other Stuff

I got into the next Chingu cohort! Argh really debating this one…I love it, but also want to put all of my time into GFT. Priorities.

Up Next

Thinking I’ll skim through the rest of this course for the parts most relevant to my project, so I should be able to finish faster. Then will get back to building!!!