Optimizing Video for Raspberry Pi Timelapses

I want to put my Raspberry Pi timelapses together, so I started reading about a good way to do it. No solutions here, but some ideas about where to pick this up again…

Try improving video quality

I think I will need to re-stitch the photos to create new videos to try & get rid of some of the pixelation. This thread gives some tips on what might be successful…namely removing the scale=1920x1080 flag from my script and adjusting the bitrate. This article has another option. And yet another thread suggests something else.

Add date to videos

Watching the videos back to back, it was useful to see the date as the timelapse progressed, and likewise, watching it without the dates is tricky because you can’t really get a sense of how much time is passing. So I want to add the date to the videos, programmatically of course. This thread shows how to do it with ffmpeg which might be similar to mencoder. Note this is different from adding subtitles, for which you need a subtitles file.