Reykjavik Midnight Sunset

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I’ve always had a fascination with the northerly regions’ ability to have 24 hours or daylight or darkness-something I’d never seen in any of the cities I’ve lived in or visited. When a work trip brought me to Reykjavik, Iceland on the summer solstice, I couldn’t resist a midnight walk to see it for myself.

On landing at Keflavík airport and driving into Reykjavik, I was struck once again by the beauty of the place that captivated me on my first visit. In what some might find to be barren and empty I saw a vast, raw, and overwhelming display of pure nature. In stark contrast to my previous winter trip, the lava fields were covered in a purple carpet of lupine flowers and the harbor view was clear out to the mountains.

A fraction of the lupine flowers on the road to Reykjavik
A fraction of the lupine flowers on the road to Reykjavik
Harbor view from the Harpa Concert Hall
Harbor view from the Harpa Concert Hall
Vast sea with ominous clouds and mountains in the background
Looking across the sea from the Sculpture & Shore Walk, around 8pm

Closing in on midnight, I walked back down to the shore to watch the sun meet the horizon. The rest of the sky was bright enough that it felt like walking around in the middle of the afternoon.

Midnight Reykjavik Sunset
Midnight Reykjavik Sunset
Pinks and purples in the sky at sunset
Photos barely do it justice...unreal!
A metal boat skeleton statue next to the sea
Sólfarið statue by the sea

The next evening I couldn’t resist going for another walk. Whether it was the excitement of the endless sun or its effect on my body clock, there was no question between going to bed or catching another sunset! This time it was a bit earlier, and I was armed with snacks.

Church steeple at the end of a street in what looks like broad daylight
Hallgrimskírkja Church at 10.30 pm
Cookies and bread in their packaging
My favorite Icelandic cookies and bread
The sun setting over the seat, touching the horizon
Late night before an early morning meeting? Worth it.