8 Days In Madagascar

A Travel Series

My holiday in Madagascar was an amazing visit to one of the world’s most unique and exciting places. Between its teeming capital city, small coastal villages, brilliant national forests, distinctive wildlife, and open, friendly people, Madagascar gave me so much to appreciate and learn on even a short visit. This series describes my Malagasy holiday from beginning to end. Mankafy!

Day 1 – Arrival Into Antananarivo
Day 2 – Morondava & Baobab Alley Sunset
Day 3 – Long Drive to Bekopaka
Day 4 – The Grand Tsingy
Day 5 – The Malagasy Forest
Day 6 – Lemurs and Fossas and Skinks, Oh My!
Day 7 – Betania Village
Day 8 – Ambohimanga And A Hectic Farewell